Season 1 Episode 13 – Finding Dory, Killing Animals for sport, Pauline Hanson and loads more

Season 1 Episode 13 – Finding Dory, Killing Animals for sport, Pauline Hanson and loads more

We have another great show lined up as we talk all about the shooting of a gorilla at a zoo, the new finding dory movie introducing same sex couples to children, Pauline Hansen and a whole lot more, so kick off those shoes, crab yourself a wine and enjoy this weeks show.

This week saw the launch of VIVID Sydney and a project that I was very honored to be apart of. The McGrath Foundations Mosaic project.

The McGrath Foundation encouraged Australians to participate in an innovative light installation, which created a message of support for those touched by breast cancer. Each night from now until the 18th June, you can see the thousands of men, women and familes that have participated in this project shine bright on the AMP Building.

Which brings us to our first story today.

Donna Penny has terminal breast cancer. She has been fighting to live since her first diagnosis in 2008. As you can imagine, this battle has had a tremendous impact on those nearest and dearest to Donna, especially her 9 year old son Kai. When Donna was first diagnosed, she searched far and wide for children’s books about cancer to help explain to Kai what was happening to her but found nothing but doom, gloom and disaster.

An elite private school is planning to open from 7am until 7pm in a bid to support working parents struggling to meet professional demands. Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth already welcomes students from 7.30am for sports training or library sessions. The college, which costs up to $22,000-a-year for boarders, now plans to extend hours even further to allow busy working parents ‘more flexibility’ with when they drop off and collect their children.

What do you think of a 12-hour school day for students?

The controversial decision to shoot dead an endangered Gorilla to save a 4-year-old boy who fell into an enclosure has been the talk of the week and now the parents are being investigated about the child’s fall.

Zoo director Thane Maynard said: “[The officials] made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy’s life. It could have been very bad.”

He said a tranquillizer would not have had a quick enough effect.
Mr Maynard said that although the boy was not under attack, he “certainly was at risk”.

Where do you stand on the issue?

The trailer for Finding Dory has been released to both fanfare and controversy after viewers pointed out the clip may feature a lesbian couple. Whether this is indeed a lesbian couple or just two women standing next to each other is up for debate, but it has certainly generated a social media storm.

Should same-sex couples be introduced to children through films?

Pauline Hansen as been told she is not welcome in parliament.
Ms. Hanson, a populist firebrand who champions an anti-multicultural agenda, is standing for a Senate seat in Queensland.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull said, “Pauline Hanson is not a welcome presence on the Australian political scene to which he also added – remember she was chucked out of the Liberal party,”

Are we right to banish her from being a MP or is she just misunderstood.

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