The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Paul O’Brien

The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Paul O’Brien

You all know him as Jack Holden from Home and Away​, Eric Edwards from Neighbours​ and the runner up to Andy Lee in CLEO​’s Batchelor of the Year and this week Paul O’Brien​ joins me on the couch along with Life and Business Coach, Genine Howard​.

We talk about Social Media, how it’s a big part of all our lives, but ask the question have we lost the art of face to face communication? This week we have seen Sydney Swans captain Kieren Jack’s mother take to twitter expressing her disappointment in her son, we’ve seen a father mimic his daughter’s Instagram posts and if you’re not following Celeste Barber​, then you should!

We have all been following the Oscar Pistorius murder trial over the past couple of years and this week he was sentenced to 6 years prison for the shooting murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. There has been a lot of talk about whether he is guilty or innocent. What do our guests think?

All this and more on this weeks’ episode of The Wine O’Clock Show!

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