The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Ash Pollard

The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Ash Pollard

Welcome back to this weeks episode of The Wine O’clock Show. This week on the couch we have MKR & Dancing with the Stars star Ash Pollard and Life Style and Business Coach, Genine Howard.

This week we talk about:

The Bank of Melbourne has come under fire for putting a notice on the front door of a branch, complaining that they had to close a section due to an “inconsiderate” homeless person.

The sign said, “Due to an inconsiderate person using the foyer as a place to live and litter, we are having to close this part of the branch…” What do you think of this?

Scandal, Drugs, Health and safety concerns and security issues is all that anyone is talking about in the lead up to the RIO Games. With attacks on our Australian Olympians, unsafe living conditions, Russians drugs scandals and now the toxic stew that invades their waters, we have to ask the question. Should the IOC have looked more deeply into RIO before allowing the games to be held in this country?

There has been so much violence hit our TV screens over the past few months which has left a lot of people expressing concern for our safety.

Last week we saw Sonia Kruger raked over the coals for expressing her concern for our country and our people. With the mass shooting in Orlando killing 54 people, being mowed down by trucks through the streets of Paris, embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, the Boston Marathon bombings and the list goes on and on it begs the question – ISIS, are we being too soft?

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