The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Matty Samaei

The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Matty Samaei

We had such a great time drinking wine and talking about life after Real Housewives of Sydney with this weeks guest Matty Samaei.

It’s been a big year for Matty with the #RHOS airing and there has been a lot of backlash about this particular show, we ask Matty how her experience was and would she do it all again?

The Real housewives loved to shop, as do most Australian women and according to new research, around a third of Australians keep purchases and spending’s from their partners.
Matty and Nikki’s response to this might just surprise you.

We also debated whether to give back the diamond engagement ring after a Sydney magistrate decided to brush aside archaic marriage laws and let a jilted bride keep her $15,000 engagement ring claiming the ring was an unconditional gift

Who should keep the ring if the wedding is called off?

We get Matty’s input in the new fad sweeping the Nation; we’ve called it “Scrotox”

When it comes to Manscaping are men taking things a little too far? Males are starting to Botox their testicles to make them smoother and to look more appealing. Could we soon see this on the menu at MediSpa?

Find out all the answers to the above topics this week on The Wine O’clock Show.

You know what to do, kick off those shoes, grab yourself and wine, sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s show.


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