The Wine O’clock Show – Pokemon Go, Theresa May, Parenting and more

The Wine O’clock Show – Pokemon Go, Theresa May, Parenting and more

WOW this weeks episode of The Wine O’Clock Show is a cracker!. We welcome Tracey Mathers​ owner of Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio​ and everyone’s favourite breakfast radio host BarRat from 91 9 Sea FM​. What are we chatting about this week? Well there’s a lot!

Catching cheating boyfriends, stumbling across dead bodies and advertising one’s services as a professional Pokémon​ Go trainer – less than a week since the launch of the virtual-meets-real-world app Pokémon Go​ and the stories it has sparked are kookier than the names of the critters its fans are trying to catch.

Andrea Leadsom – the woman who until this week was Britain’s potential future Prime Minister – seemed to be worrying about Theresa May’s ability to care. Mrs Leadsom commented that she was more “directly” involved in the future of the UK because she had children, while Theresa May had none.

A Sydney Woman reveals she slept in the same bed as her MOTHER until she was 19 – and only stopped because she left home. It began after her parents separated when she was four years old and the mother and daughter had to share a room after moving in with her grandparents. The woman claims she was raised by her mother with ‘healthy boundaries’.

Victoria Beckham​ is in hot water this week over a photo she posted on instagram of her kissing her 5 year old daughter Harper on the lips.

All this and more on this week’s episode of The Wine O’Clock Show​

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