The Wine O’clock Show – The One with Jarrod Woodgate

The Wine O’clock Show – The One with Jarrod Woodgate

This week on The Wine O’clock Show, Tam caught up with Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star, Jarrod Woodgate, who talks about his experiences on the two reality TV shows and talks about what he would do differently if given his time again.

We also asked if there was anything that he said or did on the show that he regretted, what has being on a series taught him as a person and would Jarrod be the next Bachelor if asked?

We also got to know more about Jarrod’s family vineyard, Toms Cap Vineyard and his passion for wine.

We asked the hard hitting questions: What are the best wines to have with meals? What wines should I serve at a party (or to any large gathering)?
How to pair wine with cheese and should I decant?

One of the big questions on the internet at the moment: Is Jarrod single or taken?

Find out the answer to this question and so much more, this week on The Wine O’clock Show.

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