The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Jo Abi and Kerri Elstub

The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Jo Abi and Kerri Elstub

This week on The Wine O’clock show, we chat with two woman dominating the digial and media landspace at Channel 9.

Kerri Elstub, Editorial Director for Nine Digital, has 25 years’ experience in the media, working across radio, television and digital. Kerri oversees,, and She is also the host of the new 9honey podcast The Windsors.

Jo Abi is a Senior Writer and Journalist at 9Honey. Jo’s has been writing on and off her entire life, but working as a journalist for the past eight years. She was an avid reader and writer, from childhood. Always living half in the real world and the rest of the time in her imagination. 

Jo has also written a book called How to Date a Dad which is available on iBooks and other book retailers. She also regularly contributes to the 9Honey Mums podcast hosted by Deb Knight and regularly appears on TODAY, TODAY Extra and 9News on Channel Nine.

We talked about Christmas and the Royals tradition on Christmas Eve of giving each other novelty presents, one year Prince Harry gave is grandmother “The Queen” a shower cap that said “Life’s a Bitch”. We love seeing this side of the royals, so it begs the question, what is the worst gift you have received and do you regift your presents?

Keeping on the Royal theme, 9 Honey has launched a new PodCast call “The Windsors” and Kerri tells us all about it. We reminisce about where we were when Princess Diana died? Will we remove ourselves from the commonwealth once the Queen passes and what can we expect from the podcast series?

9 Honey has also launched a new platform and we get all the inside goss as to what the Australian public can expect from the new look Channel 9.

All this a so much more,  on this episode of The Wine O’clock Show.

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