The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Jo Abi & Jo Casamento

The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Jo Abi & Jo Casamento

On this weeks episode of The Wine O’Clock Show, we have showbiz reporter, Studio 10 panelist and journalist Jo Casamento and Mamamia columnist and mummy to 3 tiny humans, Jo Abi.

Tam Wrigley and the 2 Jo’s sit down and “chew the fat” about parents who don’t work, are they entitled to the same daycare/preschool privileges than working parents?

Clowns, Evil or Happy? The crazy clown craze that has hit the US and UK has now reached our shores. Is this a fad that has gone too far?

We also get firy when we talk about the Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm who interrupted a Senate tribute to late sports journalist Rebecca Wilson. Was it really necessary to slander and shame someone that is no longer here to defend themselves?

The 2 Jo’s also reveal a little too much when we play “Never Have I Ever”.

So all that is left to do now is, sit back, kick off those shoes, grab yourself a wine and enjoy this weeks show.

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