The Wine O’Clock Show – The one with Osher Gunsberg

The Wine O’Clock Show – The one with Osher Gunsberg

The Wine O'Clock Show - The one with Osher Gunsberg

One of Australia’s most recognizable media personalities and host of the hugely popular Network 10 franchise The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and soon to be aired Bachelor in Paradise, Osher Günsberg.

From Channel V, Australian Idol, National Radio and The Bachelor franchise, Osher Günsberg has been on our screens and airways for nearly 2 decades and now he joins us on The Wine O’clock Show.

Osher bravely and publicly opened up about mental illness over the past 12 months and this week on the show, he talks about coping and living with mental illness and how he is dedicated to helping others.

We also chat about the new Bachelor in Paradise series coming soon to Channel 10, previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. YES we talked about Jarrod (#putapotplantoutforJarrod) and we also weigh in on a few of the weeks hottest topics.

All this and more, this week on The Wine O'clock Show.

The Wine O'clock Show can be viewed on YouTube our Channel - iStyle TV.


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